Matchmakers 2.0 by Debora Geary

Mick was hired at online dating site Matchmakers 2.0 on the basis of her graduate thesis in mate selection.  Clients don’t need to know that it was actually on mate selection in guppies.  For $99 the site promises “web 2.0 algorithms plus personal touch.”  Mick and her two department coworkers, Derrick and Miri, are the personal touch.  If the computer can’t get a client a match in three tries, they step in and do the picking.  Mick’s skeptical view of dating, Derrick’s computer nerd cluelessness, and Miri’s astrology savvy make for interesting pairings.

To Mick’s dismay that time of year has rolled around:  the Match the Loser competition is about to begin.  In an effort to get unmatchable clients off the books and foster team spirit, Matchmakers 2.0 sponsors an employee competition twice a year.  Each employee gets ten people to match and the one that makes the most matches wins cash.

It’s not just that Mick never does well in this contest.  The worst part is the bet she’s made with her best friend Jazie.  If she can’t find a decent guy (someone she’s willing to date for at least a month) on her own by the time the Match the Loser competition starts again, Mick will have to put her own name in the Matchmakers 2.0 system.

And now the moment has come.  Her last date had been boring with a capital B and she has had no desire to repeat the experience.  Dateable men are scarce by Mick’s criteria.

Before Mick can even complete her Matchmakers’ profile, Derrick comes slinking into her office.  He’s seen that she has entered herself into the system (he had her social security number flagged) and hopes she’ll go out with him.  Derrick knew girls existed? Just what she’s always wanted, a date with a computer geek.

Fobbing Derrick off with the résumé of a girl who’d applied for a data analyst position for him to consider for a date, Mick completes the company’s questionnaire and submits it.  She can now expect suggested matches within a few hours.  Oh joy.

This story is more about character than plot.  Mick’s jaundiced opinion of her own dating options, her snappy asides about co-workers and the “science” behind online dating sites plus her comments to readers as she breaks the fourth wall make for fun reading.

Those looking for a sweet, enjoyable story short enough for a quick read will love this novella.  It is well-formatted and edited—there was only one error in the sample, when “I” is used instead of “a” in a sentence. But, for me, there is a bit of a problem at the end the sample when Derrick reveals that he has had Mick’s social security number flagged.  How does he know her SSN?  Why doesn’t she protest about that knowledge and his use of it?  And if she hasn’t finished her application and clicked submit yet, how is his flag triggered at all?

Note:  I requested a longer sample from the author as the one on Amazon was so short.

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