Gladiator Girl: An Alternate Reality Action-Sports Love Story by R. H. Watson

Welcome to a reality in which young women compete to the death in blood sports.  But these deaths are not the end.  Genetic engineering allows women unlimited rebirths until the age of 25.   It takes a mere two weeks in an artificial womb to be reborn as an adult with all the memories and experience from the previous life.

Lucy Star plays in the Blood Battle League as a guardian for the Burning Desire team.  She has just been reborn after suffering fatal wounds in her last match. Anxious to get home to her boyfriend, she finds that her keycard no longer works and that he has a new girlfriend, Emily Stone, who happens to play for a rival team. After threatening to cut off his penis, Lucy shoulders her sword and walks out.

Fortunately her best friend Charlotte invites her to move into her small winnebago traveling unit which is embedded in a housing area beneath the Winnebago Graveyard, an old deserted parking lot that was left over after private automobiles were banned from the city. With a new home, Lucy is ready to resume her life.

Back at the Burning Desire training complex, she begins getting her newly born body back in shape. When the team coach debriefs her about that last match she learns that because of her Emily Stone had lost her chance to move permanently into the big leagues. In return, Emily had set up the entire debacle with Lucy’s boyfriend in an attempt to get her dropped from the league as revenge for losing her own chance.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the past she ran away from when she was fourteen pushes its way into the present when her brother suddenly appears at the training complex looking for her.

This sample introduces a wow of a first novel.  The author has created a realistic world with fully fleshed customs, mores, and technology. The story grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.  It soon becomes apparent that not everyone in this reality is happy about the blood sports and the fact that young women participate in them.  There are only slight hints of the romance elements that are to come in the book, according to the description.  The formatting is well done and I found only a few small word usage problems in the editing of this sample.

As soon as I finished my first read-through, I hopped back onto Amazon and bought the entire book.  And I will be looking for this author’s future books as well.


3 Responses to Gladiator Girl: An Alternate Reality Action-Sports Love Story by R. H. Watson

  1. Reggie says:

    You’re a real deep thinker. Thnkas for sharing.

  2. Jeannie says:

    Walnkig in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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